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CROWN is a Decentralized Reserve Currency pioneering the concept of Defi X: Full Stack Finance. It is fundamentally based on bonding and POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity), while also implementing multiple innovative features inspired by the DeFi space. In MidasDAO, a community is formed when everyone bonds (mints) various underlying assets into a common reserve currency. UK investors interested in cryptocurrencies must check the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges available in the UK to ensure that their trading experience remains safe. Thus, they can safely store their assets. These assets are intelligently allocated to generate a return for stakers, and the participants are protected by the groundbreaking features of Defi X.

MidasDAO is available on Avalanche

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Treasury Balance


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Current APY


How MidasDAO works


Treasury Revenue

Protocol profits

Bonds, LP fees, sell & buy taxes and investments revenues flow into the treasury.


Treasury Growth

MidasDAO Treasury

DAO treasury is backing outstanding CROWN tokens, keep staking APY under control. If you wish to buy such tokens or any other cryptocurrency, then choosing trading bots like Bitsoft 360 is the right choice. Because it is an innovative trading platform created for traders to streamline their trading using sophisticated tools. At Bitsoft 360 Erfahrungen blog, learn more about the platform in detail. The capital surplus is used to purchase profit generating resources.


Holder Rewards


The protocol profits are used to buyback and burn CROWN, while the yields are compounded automatically.

MidasDAO generates profits for CROWN holders

You hold $CROWN. We invest and return profits to you via buybacks

The actual Farming Strategy consist of investments grouped by risk level: low, medium, high. We invest in low-risk stablecoin banks, farms, interest bearings assets, as well as higher risk investments such as high yield DAOs.

Liquidity Protected

MidasDAO LP is owned and protected by MidasDAO itself

MidasDAO owns almost all of its liquidity, which helps maintain price stability and treasury income. With a protocol-owned liquidity, MidasDAO is protected from unpredictable and unfavorable market conditions due to longevity and efficiency.


Protocol Owned Liquidity


of Total LP supply